Mombo, Beast, Good BYTE   "Hi, Parents. We're a mom, dad, and grandmom just like you, and we want to build our children's self-esteem, help them develop the art of conversation, and have interesting face-to-face family conversations. BYTES Power Smarts stories are FREE for your kids to read alone or with the family and the stories come with optional starter questions to spark family conversations."

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Beast BYTE   "Here's how you and your kids will benefit from BYTES Power Smarts stories."



  • Become aware of their Power Smarts (Multiple Intelligences)
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Appreciate and respect the Power Smarts of others
  • Improve literacy through reading
  • Increase their knowledge base through exposure to condensed information on diverse topics
  • Improve listening, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills
  • Develop the social art of conversation
  • Become aware of your family members' Power Smarts
  • Enjoy in-depth face-to-face discussions that keep positive, open lines of communication among family members
  • Enjoy quality, memorable, family time

  "There's plenty of research in the Info-verse about Multiple Intelligences, the benefits of family dinners, and the language benefits of family conversations."

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